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Smiths WoodsButterfly Garden Update - July, 2016

This month of July consisted of minimal planting and lots of watering due to the hot temperatures.We have slowly been spotting some Monarch eggs on the underside leaves of the milkweed. Skippers and tiger swallowtails are beginning to frequent the plots more often, and we continue to search for caterpillars on the fennel, dill and parsley. We are finding more milkweed beetles, lady beetles and are beginning to see the start of aphids. We are removing the aphids as soon as we spot them.

We planted more black eye susans since the deer have been eating them and pulling them completely out of the ground. The County donated more cone flowers and shasta daisies so they were also planted. Keeping everything green and thriving is our main objective to welcome as many different pollinators as we can,

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