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Smiths WoodsButterfly Garden Update - April, 2016

On April 6th we did our walk through of the Butterfly garden, investigating and identifying the various perennials that are starting to come back in each of the ten plots. Too cold to weed but we did assign plots to the garden group. The swallowtail, monarch and painted lady plots were designated by the perennials and space required.

The shed was delivered and installed while working in the garden. The 125 gallon water container would be delivered during the afternoon. Next Wednesday, weather permitting we will be clearing out the assigned plots and awaiting the agrasoil and pavers to add to each location. The next step will be to begin planting nectar and host seeds to each plot and revamping and updating each sign with the list of plants growing to encourage the beneficial pollinators to appear.

We will continue to add to our composter and hopefully obtain some new equipment for garden maintenance. The group is excited to get started weather permitting.

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