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GardenerMaster Gardeners of Burlington County

The Rutgers Master Gardener Program of Burlington County is an organization of trained volunteers whose primary purpose is to assist the county Cooperative Extension by delivering horticultural information to homeowners and the general public. Master Gardeners volunteer in the Extension office answering gardening related questions from County residents. In addition to working in the office, Master Gardeners also participate in our Speakers Bureau, assist in hosting Annual County Garden Expo, staff information tables at community events, and work on various horticultural community projects throughout the county.

To become a member of the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Burlington County, one must successfully complete a specifically designed course dealing with topics in horticulture offered by Rutgers Cooperative Extension, attending 80% of the classes, and passing an exam at the end of the course. A one time fee is required before classes begin to cover material and program costs. No previous experience is necessary in order to participate. To become a Certified Master Gardener, one must provide 60 hours of volunteer service through the Rutgers Cooperative Extension office once they have completed the training course.

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